Air Purifiers Sales Littleton CO

An air purifier can help protect the health of everyone in your home. However, the wrong air purifier is more than just a waste of money, it also fails to protect your health. Ordinary HEPA air purifiers can stop some of the airborne contaminants in the air you breathe. IQAir is proven to filter tiny ultrafine particles, the most harmful of all. Ultrafine particles represent 90% of all the airborne pollution you breathe and can include dust, pet dander, viruses, pollution particles, or even cigarette smoke.

Why HyperHEPA Air Purifiers are the Best

Unfortunately, ordinary HEPA air purifiers are only tested at 0.3 microns or larger. On the other hand, IQAir’s HyperHEPA® filtration is tested and certified to filter ultrafine particles all the way down to 0.003 microns – the smallest particles that exist – with a guaranteed efficiency of more than 99.5 percent.

What’s the point of owning an air purifier unless it can protect you against the most harmful pollution of all? Quality vacuums can help keep the air in your house clean, but only a professional air purifier can filter the smallest harmful particles. For more information about EZ Vacuum air purifiers and air cleaners give us a call today. 720-348-0400