Vacuum Issues

Vacuum Issues

Vacuum not working?

Does your vacuum have an obstruction?

Loss of suction or airflow?

Did your vacuum belt break?

Is your vacuum making loud noise?

Does it have bad smell?

Has it stopped removing dirt from your floor?call now 720-348-0400

In most cases the problem could be minor, either from a bad belt or bad brush roller or it could be an obstruction in the hose or dirty filters.

Regardless of what kind of repair you need on your vacuum, our dependable, trained and experienced technicians are able to trouble shoot any problem you might have with your vacuum cleaner.


Vacuum Maintenance

Vacuums need to be serviced about once a year to ensure long-lasting quality performance. Just like most appliances, keeping them maintained is a big part of their overall lifespan.

Just to give you an idea, here are some common maintenance tasks:

  • Belts should be replaced every six months as they are not meant to last for very long.
  • If your vacuum has a suction issue, make sure that your brush bar is free from hair and other debris.
  • Check your suction hose to make sure that there is nothing obstructing suction or air flow.

If you are looking for accessories and parts to keep your vacuum maintained, come into the store and see our inventory. We carry vacuum parts, vacuum bags, vacuum belts, vacuum filters and vacuum cleaner brushes. We carry a wide selection and can help you find the product you need to keep your vacuum cleaning properly.