We service all makes and models of Eureka Vacuums

We do all our work in store for your convenience. Serving the Denver metro area and located in Littleton/Highlands Ranch, CO, EZ Vacuum is a locally-owned “Mom & Pop” vacuum store with 36 years experience in vacuum repair, sales and service. We pride ourselves on fast, reliable service and will strive to become your go-to source for all your vacuum cleaner needs.

We carry a huge inventory of genuine Eureka parts

  • 36 years experience in vacuum repair, service and sales
  • Eureka vacuum repair technicians
  • Genuine Eureka vacuum cleaner parts
  • Guaranteed workmanship on labor and parts
  • 3-4 workday turnaround

Before you decide to dispose of your Eureka Vacuum Cleaner, you need to figure out what is wrong. Does the vacuum make loud noise? Does it have bad smell? Has it stopped removing dirt from your floor? In most cases the problem could be minor, either from a bad belt or bad brush roller or it could be an obstruction in the hose or dirty filters. Belts should be replaced every six month as they are not meant to last for very long. If it is a suction issue, make sure that your brushbar is free from hair and other debris. Check your suction hose to make sure that there is nothing obstructing suction or air flow.