We do all our work in store for your convenience. For over ten decades Kenmore, manufactured many different models of vacuum cleaners. Most of them regardless of their age or their era, were loaded with awesome design and performance. Many consumers decide to throw away their Kenmore vacuum cleaner before even attempting to find out what is wrong with it.

As a general rule, it is always cheaper to repair your Kenmore vacuum than to go out and buy another vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer wants you to do exactly that as they are not in the vacuum repair business.

When this happens bring it to EZ Vacuum!

Our Kenmore vacuum repair technician are here to help get you back to cleaning your house fast and affordable way. If you are looking for Kenmore vacuum parts, Kenmore Vacuum Bags, vacuum belts, vacuum filters or even a vacuum brushbar, we carry a wide selection.

We service all makes and models of Kenmore Vacuums

Serving the Denver metro area and located in Littleton/Highlands Ranch, CO, EZ Vacuum is a locally-owned “Mom & Pop” vacuum store with 36 years experience in vacuum repair, sales and service. We pride ourselves on fast, reliable service and will strive to become your go-to source for all your vacuum cleaner needs.

We carry a huge inventory of genuine Kenmore vacuum parts

  • 36 years experience in vacuum repair, service and sales
  • Kenmore vacuum repair technicians
  • Genuine Kenmore vacuum cleaner parts
  • Guaranteed workmanship on labor and parts
  • 3-4 workday turnaround