If you need a new vacuum or just want your old Windsor vacuum repaired, you’ve come to the right place. EZ vacuum is a locally owned and operated family owned store has been providing top brand vacuums and expert advice. Unfortunately many consumers just simply throw away their old vacuum every time it break regardless of how simple the repair might be. They quickly run and do exactly what manufactures of vacuum cleaners wants to do. At EZ vacuum we have been selling vacuum cleaners and repairing Windsor vacuum cleaners for nearly 4 decades.

So don’t just throw away your old one, bring to us and we promise you that we can get you up and running with your Windsor vacuum in no time.let us diagnose your vacuum problem as soon as you notice a problem, bring it to us. In most cases you can avoid extensive damage by getting taken care of immediately. If you want to upgrade your vacuum because your old one is beyond repair. You’ll find a great selection of many different brands at EZ Vacuum.

Come see EZ Vacuum for all your Windsor vacuum repairs.

Regardless of what kind of repair you need on your Windsor vacuum our dependable, trained and experienced technicians are able to trouble shoot any problem you might have with your vacuum cleaner. We offer repair services to fix and repair any Windsor vacuum you might have. Our technicians have nearly 4 decades of experience and can repair your vacuum fast and get you going again.

  • Tune-up vacuums
  • Service and repair vacuums
  • Advice on any new vacuum models
  • Replacement of your vacuum
  • Many vacuum models to choose from
  • Change and service filters, belts and bags
  • Premium vacuum sales
  • Trade-in your vacuum

Make EZ Vacuum your source for Windsor vacuum repair.

At EZ Vacuum we offer a range of repair services such as Windsor Vacuum Repair. Our services range from a full overhaul to general maintenance, tune-ups and repairs. We will dismantle your Windsor vacuum completely and rebuild it as when it was brand new.

Windsor Vacuum Cleaner Service Repairs Parts and Supplies

We service all Windsor vacuum models. Windsor Vacuum Bags, Windsor Vacuum Belts, Windsor Vacuum Brushbars, Windsor Vacuum Cords, Windsor Vacuum Shampoo and Windsor Vacuum Parts.

  • Trained Service Technicians
  • 36 Years Experience
  • Large Parts Inventory
  • Service for all Windsor vacuum cleaners
  • We service all makes and models of Windsor vacuums

Serving the Denver metro area and located in Littleton/Highlands Ranch, CO, EZ Vacuum is a locally-owned “Mom & Pop” vacuum store with 36 years experience in vacuum repair, sales and service. We pride ourselves on fast, reliable service and will strive to become your go-to source for all your vacuum cleaner needs.